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Alaska Step-on-Guides, LLC is here to be your company’s right hand in Alaska.  We will take care of your customers the way you would if you had an office here.  Some of the services that we provide for our current clients include:

* City Tours: Take an in depth look at our local history, with colorful stories from the past and present.  We are always researching and updating what we share on our tours for a fresh look at life in Alaska.  If your group has a specific focus, we will custom design a tour around your interests. 

* Tour Rescue: When things aren’t going quite right and a group needs a little TLC, we can show up with flowers, wine or another gift from you, staff a hotel help desk, lead a specialized tour, meet and greet them at the airport or anywhere, run shopping errands, or brain storm with you for ways to exceed their expectations.

* Meet & Greet Services:  We will welcome your guests at the airport, railroad, port or private airstrip.  From the moment they see their name on that sign (with your logo), your travel weary client can relax as we lead them through the maze to their luggage and then to their transportation.  We can follow up with any concerns such as lost luggage and keep you updated on your client’s travel experience.  A Deluxe Meet & Greet includes an orientation tour on the way to the hotel and check-in assist upon arrival. 

* Overland Tour Guide:  We have several experienced and local tour guides that would love to lead your group on their Alaskan Adventure.  Our overland guides will work with your group itinerary and take care of your group needs, handling vouchers, group gratuities, hotel check-in, coordinating departure and arrival times with your driver, and helping the group to get the most out of the opportunities available in each stop along the way.

* Foreign Language Guides:  We work with guides that can give your group a tour in fluent Russian, Spanish, German or French.  Call us for more details.

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